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A Provençal life

Francophiles look away now. What you’re about to read will thrill you, and induce soul-churning envy all at once. Proceed at your own caution.

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High Stakes

From the stable door to trackside, our fashion pages are inspired by the cooler weather ahead and looks that travel from work to casual country socialising.

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Meandering through Mudgee

Discover Mudgee’s fine dining options, a proliferation of wineries, some intriguing accommodation options, and a festival every other month.

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Restoration Story

Restoration Story

Rex Watson and Kate Pitt have spent the past 15 years turning their historic property into party central. The quarters are part of Rex and Kate’s grand plan for Moira.

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Arcadia Valley

Pioneers in Paradise

Two generations of the Peart family have devoted themselves to turning what was regarded as wasteland into a true Arcadia. View their story!

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A Vision Splendid

The Queensland town of Winton enjoys its time in the spotlight as the Hollywood of the outback during the annual Vision Splendid Film Festival.

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Making a Splash

Having no rain, no grass and no stock on an outback property can send you a little crazy. Julie Brown decided to channel that crazy into a positive.

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Nogo Tours

Country hospitality, resilience in the face of a crippling drought and Queensland pastoral and bushranging history meet at Nogo Station.

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Boots ‘N’ All

With equal measures of ingenuity, good luck and good management, Kara Lauder has launched a boot business from a remote WA mining town.

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