High Stakes


From the stable door to trackside, our fashion pages are inspired by the cooler weather ahead and looks that travel from work to casual country socialising.

Smitten Merino Oatmeal roll neck top, $189, with Smitten Merino chunky sleeveless wrap, $299, Thomas Cook stretch moleskine, slim-leg Wonder Jean in Sand, $99.96, Akubra Tablelands hat in Brown Olive, $185, and Thomas Cook women’s Tarndanya boots in Light Tan, $169.95.

The complete story was originally published in Australian Country issue 21.2. Click here to subscribe to our magazine.

Photography Ken Brass
Hair and make-up Miriam Van Cooten, Assisted by Kat Nagy

Smitten Merino Ellie dress in Flame, $249, with Smitten Merino orange Multi-Stripe poncho, $199, and Thomas Cook Tarndanya boots, $299.95.

Goondiwindi Cotton navy and white shirt, $149, with Goondiwindi Cotton navy quilted vest, $179, and Goondiwindi Cotton white Pocket jean, $129.

Smitten Merino Teal boat-necked, ¾-sleeved, striped Audrey dress, $269, with Thomas Cook Jagger wool felt hat in Fawn, $69.95

Thomas Cook Naomi shirt, $99.95, moleskine Wonder Jean, $99.95, Pat vest, $169.95 and Chelsea boots, $169.95, with an Akubra Traveller hat, $200.

Birds Nest Bird Keepers navy and white striped High Low Midi dress, $89.95, worn with Thomas Cook Everyday pink, horse motif scarf, $29.95.

Thomas Cook Maisie print shirt, $99.95, Mary Vest, $159.95, Wonder Jean, $99.95, and Chelsea boots, $169.95, with Akubra Coober Pedy hat, $220

Goondiwindi Cotton fine Merino and cotton spotted print jumper in charcoal and white, $159, with Thomas Cook Lynda slim-leg jean, $99.95.